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Debt Settlement Help is Readily Available in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents that are looking for a sensible debt settlement option need to look no further than Freedom Financial. At Freedom Financial, we're prepared to help you deal with creditors in Pennsylvania through efficient negotiation. Take solace in knowing that the trained professionals at Freedom Financial are working to reduce your debt.

Your Pennsylvania Debt Settlement

Working yourself out of debt can be an unfamiliar process. That's why Freedom Financial is prepared to work with you and negotiate on your behalf. In Pennsylvania, it's easy to get started on a debt settlement program. Consider some of the perks you'll receive in resolving your debt in Pennsylvania with Freedom Financial:

  • Free Debt Evaluation: Freedom Financial offers a free consultation in Pennsylvania that's completely confidential and obligation free. In fact, you won't be charged a single upfront fee. We won't take a penny until at least one of your debts has been resolved. Just think - by making a ten minute phone call, you could bring yourself one step closer to debt reduction.
  • Customizable Plans: Each situation is different, and at Freedom Financial we're well aware that there's not one cure-all for every indebted customer in Pennsylvania. That's why we work together with you to figure out a plan that will best suit your scenario. We'll be able to develop a monthly payment program that can be tweaked to meet your specifications. Your plan fits you in Pennsylvania, we come to where you are.
  • Control: Even though Freedom Financial does everything in our power to settle your debts on your behalf, you'll be able to monitor your debt settlement closely, right from your Pennsylvania home. Just log in to the Freedom Financial website to monitor your progress.You'll know that your account is protected at all times and that you have the power to alter your payment plan. It's your money – you should be allowed to pay off your debts as you see fit.
  • Speed: We work hard to get Pennsylvania residents out of debt – that's why our program has resolved some large debts in as little as 24-48 months. It's easy for payment requests and creditor calls to start piling up when you aren't enrolled in a debt resolution program with Freedom Financial. As an AFCC accredited company, we're seriously committed to the expedited service that we pride ourselves on.
  • Debt Settlement Options in Pennsylvania:

    AllentownAltoonaCamp HillErie
    HarrisburgNew CumberlandPhiladelphiaPittsburgh
    PittstonState CollegeWilkes BarreYork

    Looking to understand debt consolidation and how it differs from debt settlement? Freedom Financial can help. We've helped settle more than $1 billion worth of debt, including debt in Pennsylvania – It’s time to start your journey toward financial freedom. Call Freedom Financial today and let us help you improve your financial standing.

    Think Simple

    If you're a Pennsylvania resident and feel as if your debt complications are worsening, it's best to get in contact with a company that can streamline your settlement process. Freedom Financial's debt counseling and settlement program is organized to help you keep track of your debt and get it resolved. If you're working towards paying off multiple sources of debt with separate interest rates, you'll only be required to make one payment into a dedicated account. From there, Freedom Financial will be able to organize your payments to each creditor while working towards a settlement.

    After each settlement has been negotiated between Freedom Financial and your creditors, you'll be sent a letter that will inform you as to the parameters of the settlement. Once you've read over and discussed the settlement, you'll be ready to make a payment. At this point, you simply have to approve the terms of settlement and Freedom Financial will oversee the transaction. It’s time to leave your life of debt in PA behind. Call Freedom Financial today.

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