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Before you make a decision that may impact your financial future, shouldn't you speak to someone who knows what your options are? Whether you're $10,000 or $100,000 in debt, there is a way out. Just call the number above to speak to an expert and uncover a better way to manage your debt and a faster way to finally achieve financial freedom.

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Debt Counseling Services

Debt counseling is a general term used to describe consulting a specialist for options to get out of debt. There are also debt counseling agencies that will connect you with a certified debt counselor who will devise a personal plan for you. What works for you depends on your specific situation, debt counseling isn’t for everyone.

Alternatives to Credit and Debt Counseling

Simple credit and debt counseling may be enough for some situations. In many cases, more drastic actions are required.

Are you trying to keep on top of your payments but are falling behind? Have you experienced a business or personal hardship, a layoff, or unexpected medical bills and find yourself unable to recover financially? Luckily, there are many realistic solutions for people like you who are serious about getting out of debt.


Loan Consolidation: If you want to chip away at your debt with one monthly payment, loan consolidation can certainly help with this. There are many types of loan consolidation programs. The general goal of loan consolidation is to group together multiple loans under one umbrella or with one consolidator. This allows you, the borrower, to make just one payment per month. Debt counseling services sometimes include consolidation.


Debt reduction services: Also known as debt settlement or debt resolution, debt reduction services are an aggressive way to help customers resolve debt. Often confused with loan consolidation, debt resolution gives you the opportunity to reduce the balances of your debts while at the same time paying into a savings account you control.

Both strategies can give you a single monthly program payment, though debt reduction doesn’t consolidate your debts, just your payment. A debt reduction company negotiates the amount you owe with your creditors.


Do it Yourself: Overwhelming debt may be daunting, but that doesn’t mean you still can't take on your debt by yourself.

There are many online debt counseling resources to budgeting that will help you start to take control of your finances. You may also want to negotiate your own deal with creditors. Some will be willing to reduce interest rates or make a payment arrangement. As with any DIY project, research and preparation are key. Finding a path to financial freedom on your own could require significant life and budgetary changes.


Bankruptcy: In most cases, bankruptcy is the last option you'll want to pursue. However, it's important to know it is a last-resort option after you've exhausted all possibilities, including debt counseling. If you qualify, declaring bankruptcy relieves you of most of your debts, not including student loans. Many factors will be considered before bankruptcy can be declared, so it is important to consult a licensed attorney in your state. Qualification depends on a number of factors, including your debt situation, employment history and location.

More about Debt Consolidation and Settlement

If you have personal or business loans, or credit card debt, debt reduction could be a real solution for you. But many people don't know much about this service.

Debt reduction is arguably the best alternative to loan consolidation and debt counseling. Unlike debt counseling, a debt relief program offers a way for you to manage large amounts of debt with one simple monthly program payment. The added benefit of debt relief programs is that they are uniquely aggressive.

Reduce Your Principals

An official debt settlement happens when your debt specialist successfully negotiates an agreement between you, the customer, and your creditors. In many cases, those settlements reduce the overall principal balance of your debt. With less debt, and an aggressive savings plan, you're able to get on the fast track to paying off your debts. It’s simple really—lower debt amounts can be paid quicker when you’re aggressively tackling debt.

No Upfront Costs

An additional benefit to debt reduction is that you do not pay until at least one of your debts is settled. Once an arrangement has been made, your debt relief company will contact you to approve the settlement. In the meantime, you’ve been saving monthly program payments in an FDIC insured account that you control. When it's time to start chipping away at your debt, you're ready.

Save Time

Debt reduction companies focus or minimizing harassment and getting customers out of debt faster. Those who do choose the service and continue to make monthly program payments are often able to resolve their debts in a much shorter period of time. A typical debt settlement client can resolve their debt in as little as 24-48 months through an affordable monthly program payment.

Get Started

Every debt settlement program is unique, built to suit you and your budget. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, each negotiation and settlement is unique. A debt specialist will work closely with you to create a program that could help you resolve your debt as quickly as possible.

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