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Whether you owe $15,000 to credit card companies or $100,000 in medical bills, if you're serious about getting out of debt, you've got options.

At Freedom Financial, we understand that no program is one-size-fits-all. That's why, if one of our advocates can't help you with your financial situation, we'll recommend other options for you. You are under no obligation to enroll until you know Freedom is the right choice.

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Resolve Debt – For Less

While other companies may offer debt consolidation or debt counseling, Freedom Financial's debt relief program works with you to do three things.

First, we set you up a low monthly program payment.

Then, we negotiate directly with your creditors to reduce the principal on your debt.

Finally, once we obtain a favorable offer, which you authorize, that debt is resolved!

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Minimum Payments


The minimum payment listed on your credit card bill is just enough to prevent collectors from calling. However, sending minimum payments is not a fast or efficient way to get out of debt. In many cases, your payments are simply covering interest, and not contributing to your overall debt balance. It could literally take you decades to pay off a debt.

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What It Is

A good credit counselor can help you reduce your interest rates and make debt management plan for you. If your financial situation is more serious, you will likely require more than a slight reduction in monthly payment obligations.

Moderate Relief

Debt management plans offered by credit counseling agencies may be effective for people who need moderate debt relief due to high interest rates. By getting lower rates from your creditors, credit counselors may speed up the time it takes you to pay off your debts.

Potential Risks

Your monthly program payment may be higher than that of a debt settlement program. If you are already having trouble making your credit card monthly payments, credit counseling may not work for you.

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Debt Consolidation


How it Works

In many cases, debt consolidation programs require you to take out a debt consolidation loan. That money is used to pay off your debts, and then you make a single payment each month to pay off that loan.

Will You Qualify?

You'll need good credit to qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Think of it as refinancing; you use your current equity to pay off credit card debt. However, many homeowners don't have enough equity or the credit rating to qualify for a loan.

Beware of Risks

If you do qualify for a loan, understand that you are simply swapping one type of debt for another. Your consolidation loan may be secured by your home, which places your home in jeopardy should you be unable to make payments.

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A Last Resort

Individuals in debt can qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Chapter 7, assets are liquidated, whereas in Chapter 13, debt is reorganized and the debtor is placed on a payment plan lasting several years.

Know the Law

Bankruptcy is a complicated process and changes in bankruptcy law may affect what you qualify for. It is best to consult with an attorney in this case.


The negative effects of bankruptcy on your credit can and will follow you for years to come. In today's market, there are plenty of alternatives beyond bankruptcy that should be explored.

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Freedom Debt Settlement

  • Fast

    One consultation will put you on the path to resolve debts in as little as 24-48 months.* The consultation is obligation-free and poses no credit risk and no upfront fees at all. In face, we don't get paid until you settle at least one of your debts!

  • Customized

    You'll enjoy a personalized and dedicated debt specialist negotiation on your behalf. Once you get a comfortable monthly program payment established that meets your budget, you will get an estimate of your savings potential and program length.

  • Easy

    Freedom will speak to your creditors and handle negotiations. You simply make one low program payment a month to an account that's fully protected and entirely under your control. After debt settlement, we can often arrange for a monthly program payment amount that is significantly less than your current minimum payments.

  • Smart

    Freedom Financial offers you an effective way to reduce your debt and save money*. And you'll maintain control throughout the entire process. Best of all, there's no risk of upfront fees in signing up. You can get a free debt evaluation with no obligation at all. Plus, we don't get paid until you settle at least one of your debts. So it truly is a win-win situation!

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