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Debt Settlement 101

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement, also known as debt reduction, is an aggressive path out of debt that includes negotiating debt resolution with your creditors.

When your debt is reduced, you can pay off the amount owed faster than you thought was possible.

Get the Best Value

Debt settlement specialists from Freedom Financial are trained to negotiate debt reduction on your behalf. In short, that means you have every advantage when it comes to resolving your debt and doing it in a time period much shorter than just paying your minimum payments.

Stay in Control

For many, this is a much preferred alternative to bankruptcy. Debt settlement lets you maintain power over your funds, potentially reduce your debt, and control your payment timeframe.

Keep it Simple

Monthly payments may be suited to your budget to make your savings plan simple to follow. You maintain privacy, can track your progress, and possibly resolve your debt in as little as 24-48 months*!

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5 Steps to Debt Reduction


Contact a Specialist

Our dedicated debt specialists will speak with you about your current financial situation and help you decide which option is best for you. Our consultation is 100% confidential and risk-free.


Customize Your Plan

We understand that everyone's situation is different. No solution is one-size-fits all, which is why we'll speak with you about your goals and your monthly budget to design a customized, realistic path to debt resolution for you. And once you enroll, we'll become your debt advocate, working on your behalf, to get you the relief you need.


Start Saving

Your debt relief starts with a simple monthly program payment into a dedicated account that you control. In the meantime, we'll work with your creditors to negotiation resolutions on your enrolled debts. We'll let your creditors know that you are now enrolled in a debt settlement program.


Make a Deal

Once a settlement is successfully negotiated with a creditor, you will be asked to authorize it. You'll get a detailed letter that includes the settlement terms and your savings amount on each account. Once you approve the debt resolution, you authorize the payment to be made toward that settlement.


Resolve Your Debt!

As you continue to make monthly program payments and we're able to resolve your debts, your overall debt burden will continue to shrink. You can even track your progress through our on-line portal.

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Settlement FAQs

Will all my enrolled debt be gone after completing this program?

We will do everything we can to help you resolve all of your enrolled debts. But ultimately, the decision to pay off debt is your own. We'll help you negotiate lower balances and set up an easy-to-use savings program for you.

What if I don't make my monthly program payments?

It's your decision to make the monthly program payments and to stick with the program until you fully resolve all your enrolled debts. Keeping up with your program payments is essential to paying off your debt.

Should I put all of my credit cards in the program?

We have more negotiation power if you enroll all of your high balance (greater than $500) unsecured accounts such as credit cards. If, however, you have one credit card with a low balance, you may want to pay it in full so that you can hold onto it for emergencies.

Who controls the dedicated account where I am saving funds for creditors?

You do. The dedicated account is set up specifically for your program and the money in the account is your money.

Do you begin negotiation with my creditors right away?

Depending on the creditor, we may contact them right away to let them know that we are authorized to negotiate on your behalf and to contact us directly. After you have begun making your monthly programs payments into a dedicated account and have amassed a sufficient balance (usually around 25% to 35% of the total current balance on any particular debt), we'll begin to make reasonable offers to your creditors. Creditors will generally not negotiate before sufficient funds have been saved.

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